What is a Mikvah?

Mikvah is a ritual pool of water, built to custom specifications, in which Jewish brides and married women immerse. The Mikvah consists of gathered rainwater which is filtered and purified to the highest standard, and then heated to a comfortable temperature.

Jewish tradition teaches that water symbolizes life, purity, and the flowing of G-d’s blessings. As a woman immerses in these living waters, she is able to tap into her spiritual core, joining Jewish women throughout the ages who have cherished this holy tradition since Biblical times.

Immersing in a Mikvah is essential to the laws of Family Purity, guiding the intimate relationship between husband and wife. For thousands of years, Jewish marriages have been strengthened and enriched through the sacred holiness inherent in the observance of Family Purity.

Like many Mikvahs around the globe, our Mikvah features a state-of-the-art facility, combining the beauty of Mikvah with luxurious amenities of a modern day spa. Mikvah is, after all, a spa for the soul, allowing one to rejuvenate in a spiritual sense while enveloped in the embracing waters. The Mikvah experience is relaxing, private, revitalizing and uplifting. It is exclusively for women to use in observance of the laws of Family Purity.

The Mikvah is available by appointment every evening – the time when women traditionally immerse. It is our hope that the practice of Mikvah will enhance and enrich the dynamics of your relationship, and benefit you and your family.

Visiting the Mikvah

When a woman visits the Mikvah, a friendly attendant will ensure she has all the items to prepare for her immersion; plush robes and slippers, towels, shampoo, body lotions & top-of-the-line personal care items. Everything needed for the visit will be provided. Our luxurious private preparation rooms include hot tubs and showers to prepare for immersion. The attendant can answer questions and help accommodate specific requests.

After dusk, once she has completed the pre-immersion routine, she is led discreetly by the attendant directly to the Mikvah room – in complete privacy. The attendant guides her through the immersion process, as she says the blessing, immerses in the clear waters, and emerges spiritually revitalized.

Women are invited to take a guided tour of the Mikvah facilities prior to setting an appointment to immerse. Private classes are available for those wishing to learn more about the meaningful rituals surrounding Mikvah observance.

The Mikvah experience is a cherished and fulfilling practice, and is the core of the Jewish family. It is this privilege and responsibility that maintains the foundation of the Jewish People.


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A Feminine Connection

Intimate relationships between husband and wife are sacred, and the observance of Mikvah is essential to forging an eternal matrimonial bond. The laws of Family Purity form the structure that imbues holiness into the relationship.

The laws of Family Purity mandate that husband and wife refrain from intimate contact during the menstrual period, and for seven days following. At the end of this time, she immerses in the Mikvah, and husband and wife may resume intimate relations.

Married women immerse on a monthly basis, according to their menstrual cycle calendar. Brides immerse in a Mikvah shortly prior to their wedding day. A woman who has reached menopause requires only a single immersion for the rest of her marriage.
The Mitzvah of Family Purity is entrusted to the woman. When a woman immerses in the Mikvah, she brings herself in immediate contact with the source of life, purity and holiness – with G-d. During immersion, she transcends her physicality, connecting to her spiritual self within. She thus becomes a link in an ongoing tradition that has spanned generations, connecting Jewish women around the world and throughout history.

Mikvah is a time for introspection and renewal, and this unique moment of special closeness to G-d is an auspicious opportunity for her to express her prayers and requests, for herself, her family and her loved ones.

Purity of Life

Each month a woman’s body prepares for the possibility of conception. The uterine lining is built up - rich and replete, ready to serve as a cradle for life - in anticipation of a fertilized ovum. The presence of potential life within fills a woman’s body with sanctity, since the power to nurture life is essentially a quality of the Divine. It is in conception, pregnancy & birth that G-d’s involvement is distinctly manifest.

Menstruation is the shedding of uterine lining, ending the possibility of developing this new, independent life. When stripped to its essence, a woman’s menses signals the death of potential life. With the departure of this potential, the woman becomes impure. Impurity is neither evil nor sinful, neither degrading nor inferior, nor is it something tangible. Rather it is a spiritual state of being - a descent from a peak level of holiness. This impurity is commensurate to the immense potential for holiness that a woman possesses, the G-dly power to create a new life, as if ex nihilo, within her body.

Spiritual Waters

In the beginning, there was only water. A miraculous compound, the primary source and vivifying factor of all sustenance and, by extension, all life. Yet Judaism teaches that it is more than this. For these very same attributes, a source of energy and sustenance, are mirrored in the spiritual. Water has the power to purify: to restore, sustain and replenish life to our essential, spiritual selves.

Immersion in the Mikvah waters, following the requisite preparation, causes an essential transformation. Whilst bare, her most natural state, submersion in these waters causes an elevation into spiritual transcendence, becoming totally encompassed by the metaphysical and removed from materialism and worldliness. In doing so, she reconnects with the Divine, fulfilling her soul’s desire to achieve oneness with the source of all life, to return to a primeval unity with G-d. Immersion indicates the abandonment of one form of existence to embrace one infinitely higher. Immersion in the Mikvah is not only a purification, revitalization and rejuvenation, but also, and perhaps primarily, a rebirth.

Sanctified Intimacy

Marital intimacy is of the holiest deeds one can perform. Being a true embodiment of G-dliness, it bridges the gap between the physical and the Divine, allowing man and wife to partner with the Creator in introducing a new soul into the world.

The Torah regards marriage, the partnership between husband and wife, with the highest reverence. Jewish marriage is the unification, and thereby the sanctification, of man and woman. The Sages note the Hebrew word for man, ‘Ish’, is practically identical to the word for woman, ‘Isha’, aside for one letter unique to each; ‘Ish’ contains the letter ‘Yud’ whereas ‘Isha’ the letter ‘Hey’. When combined, these two letters form the name of G-d A-lmighty. By conducting one's marital life according to the guidelines of Family Purity prescribed by the Creator, man and woman bring about a unification of G-d’s name. The merging of man and woman takes on an entirely new form, as G-d’s blessings are bestowed on the couple, imbuing the structure of marriage with the transcendence of the Divine.

Fire Fueled by Water

G-d designed a cycle of union and separation between husband and wife, and Mikvah stands at the vortex of this cycle. The love between husband and wife thrives on withdrawal and reunion, separation and coming together. This course of regulated intimacy is the only way to foster an environment conducive to a truly G-dly matrimony.

Observance of Family Purity is a means of rejuvenating the marriage and recommitting to each other, stoking the flame of mutual love. It allots time when the husband-wife relationship is expressed without physical intimacy. Liberation from the interference of physical closeness allows for deeper reflection on their kinship, focusing on the enhancement of the emotional, psychological and essential bond.
Upon completion of the Mikvah process, they re-approach intimacy refreshed, rekindled and refocused, fortified with a deeper appreciation for one another. The subsequent reunion following the period of abstinence, reflection and rededication, holds the highest potential for marital sanctity.

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Please note: Membership year goes according to the Jewish calendar, beginning on Rosh Hashana and ending on the last day of the Jewish year. We are currently accepting membership for year 5784 – dates Sept. 16,2023 – Oct. 2, 2024

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